Boo Allen

Affiliation: Denton Record-Chronicle, Cinemalogue
Member: DFWFCARotten Tomatoes,

The principal film critic for the Denton Record-Chronicle, Boo has forty years experience in the field. He has been quoted by the Los Angeles Times, New Yorker, Dallas Morning News, Austin Statesman and the Associated Press.

Dr. Allen possesses a BFA and MFA in Film from Southern Methodist University, an M.A. in French Literature and Ed.D. in British Literature from Texas A&M University-Commerce. He is currently the Vice President of the Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association and has been a past president.

An award-winning critic, Boo’s work has also appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Grapevine Sun, Lewisville News, Commerce Journal, Dallas County Community Newspapers, Dallas Advocate, People Newspapers, and he is a listed Tomatometer critic at Rotten Tomatoes.

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