I. GENERAL. Membership is always individual.  All members must publish or broadcast substantive reviews of newly-released films under their own names on a regular basis. Reviews must involve considerations of artistic merit and entertainment value.  Analysis from a specifically doctrinal or moral perspective does not qualify, nor do reviews of DVDs and/or videos.  To remain members in good standing, members must also pay the annual membership dues and vote in the Association’s end-of-year award balloting.

Members who fall into more than one of the three membership categories must meet the requirements of their primary category (e.g., a print critic whose reviews also appear on an ancillary website must meet the print requirements).

1. PRINT. Reviews must bear the member’s by-line and appear in one or more accredited, professional outlets, with a total minimum print circulation of 7,500 and/or an average of at least 25,000 unique on-line viewers per month. Writers for student publications are not eligible for membership.

Each member must have published a minimum of 50 individual reviews of at least 300 words on average and must remain current by publishing, on average, at least 4 similar reviews of new films per month. Simple title listings with summaries do not qualify as reviews.

If a publication prints reviews by more than one critic, to be considered for membership an individual contributor must meet the above requirements in terms of by-lines, archived reviews and remaining current.

2. BROADCAST. Members must regularly broadcast on commercial or public radio or television outlets of substantial viewer or listenership. Each member must ordinarily broadcast critical commentary on recently-opened films in one or more segments of at least 300 words or 3-minutes duration each week.  A mere listing of weekly openings with incidental remarks does not qualify, nor does general entertainment reporting.

3.  INTERNET. A member must publish on a stand-alone site of professional quality devoted exclusively to film. The site must attract an average of at least 7,500 unique viewers per month. Blogs, sites hosted on free servers and sites on which film reviews are secondary to the site’s main focus do not qualify. Each member must have a minimum of 75 archived reviews of at least 300 words each and must remain current by publishing, on average, at least 4 reviews of new films per month.

If a site hosts reviews by more than one critic, to be considered for membership the site must meet the viewer requirement and an individual contributor must meet the above requirements in terms of archived reviews and continuing publication.

DUES.  Each active member will pay dues of $10.00 annually.  Any change in dues must be approved by 75% vote of the membership.  All monies collected will be expended on the costs of maintaining the website, providing means for the announcement of the Association’s awards, or undertaking other activities in furtherance of the Association’s mission approved in advance by the Governing Board.  Any funds remaining at the end of the calendar year will be rolled over into the following year.

MAINTENANCE OF STANDING. An annual survey of the reviewing activities of all members will be undertaken by the Governing Board, and any member failing to meet the requirements for remaining current will be placed on an inactive list for six months. If at the end of that period he provides evidence that he again meets the minimum requirements, he shall be reinstated. If not, he shall be permanently removed from the membership roster. Reinstatement will require that the former member undergo the process for adding new members.

ADDITIONS TO MEMBERSHIP. Membership is by invitation only. Any current member can recommend a new member, who will then be asked by the Governing Board if he wishes to be considered. If so, the Governing Board will ask the Vice-President to assess whether the proposed member meets membership requirements, and if he does, will place the nomination before the entire membership. A 75% vote of the membership in favor will be required for the nominee to be added to the membership roll.


RULE CHANGES.  Future alterations to membership requirements may be proposed by any member by submission in writing to the President or Vice-President.  Passage will require the approval of at least 75% of the membership current when such changes are voted upon.

OFFICERS.  The officers of the Association will be the President and the Vice-President.  The President has the responsibility of collecting the annual dues and expending all revenues on approved Association activities, in particular insuring that the website, which includes the screening calendar available to members, is properly maintained, if necessary employing an Association webmaster for this purpose.  The Vice-President is responsible for maintaining the membership roll and screening applicants nominated for membership.  The President and Vice-President will also oversee the Association’s end-of-year award balloting and the announcement of its results.

ELECTIONS.  Elections for officers will occur in March every two years.  There will be no term limits on re-election, and the candidate receiving the highest number of votes of the whole membership will be elected.  Only members who volunteer for a position will be eligible to receive votes, and in the event only one member volunteers for a position, it will be considered filled without a vote being taken.

THE GOVERNING BOARD.  The governing board of the Association will consist of the current officers and all former presidents who remain active members.  The governing board will oversee elections, conduct the annual review of members, and undertake any other actions they deem necessary for the fulfillment of the Association’s mission.

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